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Everybody is a good storyteller these days….
We are great listeners.


We don’t tell stories, we reverse engineer them. We help you join and shape the conversation that’s already happening in the media, on social, in loungerooms across the country.

We know their conversations because we talk to them everyday.

Since 1999, we have helped clients crowdfund, bring awareness to climate change, save animals, reuse and recycle, encourage children to read, protect people from violence and champion eating properly and playing safely. We have delivered rapid support to families in need, planned gala dinners, and we have helped raise millions of dollars.

We helped get chefs out of restaurants and into lounge rooms.
We saw news break in less than 140 characters
We have seen the rise of the Influencer
We were friends with Facebook from the start
We saw daily news go digital
We’ve seen drama TV become reality TV
We’ve seen content become king and we’ve watched brands own the way their products are projected

We also love to chat.

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Our Services


Branding & Positioning

We love brands and we make them sing.

We evaluate where the brand is today.

We validate your USP and differentiation.

We shape the message for your audience.

We define your area of expertise.

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The Who, What, When, Where and Why.

Who are we talking to – who is our audience?

What are we talking about – how do we develop a compelling narrative?

When are we talking to them – it is a good time for them, are they listening?

Where are through what channels are we talking to them – media, social, activation?

Why are we talking to them – what’s our value to them?

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Engagement & Activations

Bring brands together through engagements that matter.

Creating events and promotions to activate the brand.

Selecting the right ambassador that will augment and recommend your brand.

Finding the influence that matters…. and influencing them to prefer you.

More customers, through great relationships, more often.


Media Relations

It’s about meaningful relations with those creating powerful influence.

Engage third parties to endorse and validate your brand and your story.

We create the careful and newsworthy conversations.

We also connect you to powerful conversations that are already underway that simply must include you.

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Sharing ideas, connecting people and brands.

We create and maintain social media conversations.

We help determine the best channels for your outreach and we help you connect with those influencing theses networks.

We plan for greatness – timing, messaging, calls to action and content.


Giving Back

Giving back is about gratitude for your good fortune.

Progressive PR & Communications are very fortunate indeed. Blessed with a suite of brilliant and clever clients and team who are dedicated and passionate about what they do, we take the opportunity to share these blessings by helping people and organisations that wouldn’t normally have the resources and budget to use a marketing agency. See some of our work here:

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