Man Lifting Cow – John Kelly for Brimbank Council

Man Lifting Cow_John Kelly.JPG

Man Lifting Cow is a significant 6-metre-high art installation by artist John Kelly which forms part of his international series of cow sculptures.

John Kelly_Artist_Stephen Armstrong_Man Lifting Cow .jpg

Backed by substantial financial and in-kind support from both philanthropic and corporate organisations, Man Lifting Cow sits adjacent to the Brimbank Civic and Community Centre in the heart of Sunshine, where Kelly grew up. Kelly’s work is usually the preserve of major city centres such as London, Paris and Monte Carlo and this sculpture signifies Sunshine’s re-emergence as one of Australia’s great centres.

PPR&C were tasked with telling the story of the local business’s commitment to seeing a piece of internationally renowned art, crafted by a local boy, delivered and on permanent display within their community.  The unveiling generated news stories across print, TV, radio with an emphasis on how the project was unique and signified a re-emergence of the West.