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Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation Awards (VDSR Awards)

2019 marks the tenth anniversary of the Victorian Disability Sport and Recreation Awards (VDSR Awards) – a celebration of the achievements of sportspeople with disability, the coaches, organisations, officials and volunteers who support them and the inclusive sport and recreation sector across Victoria.  Progressive PR & Communications generated national and Victorian publicity across TV, print, radio and online for the finalists and eventual winners.

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Epilepsy Smart Schools

Progressive PR &Communications (PPR&C) successfully generated relevant national media to raise awareness of the Epilepsy Smart Schools program, an initiative created by Epilepsy Australia urging Australian schools to adopt the Epilepsy Smart School program which is intended to raise awareness of the fact that less than five percent of the 9,500 schools across the nation are properly trained in coping with and understanding the needs of students with epilepsy.

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The Thin Green Line Foundation

Ranger to Ranger is a heart-warming documentary film that follows the epic journey of acclaimed Indigenous musician Dan Sultan and a group of Indigenous Australian Rangers as they travel to Kenya, Africa, to share knowledge, culture and music with a tribe of Maasai Community Rangers.

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