Not-for-Profit PR

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As a charity public relations specialist, we have a long history of generating public relations campaigns for not–for-profits and benevolent organisations. These include national and state-based not-for-profits aligned with medical research, clinical treatment, environmental responsibility, public education and direct assistance. We have secured media coverage for our clients in this area throughout state and national media outlets including in Fairfax and News Ltd titles; television outlets including on programs such as A Current Affair and The Project and across local and lifestyle publications. Our not-for-profit clients include Parkinson’s Victoria, Garage Sale Trail, Life’s Little Treasures Foundation, MS Australia, Murdoch Children’s Research Institute, Whitelion, Interplast and TLC for Kids.

As well as media relations, we have managed ambassador programs and procured celebrities, corporate sponsors and developed strategic partnerships for some of Australia’s most significant no-for-profits including The Alannah & Madeline Foundation, Open Family Australia, TLC for Kids, Whitelion, Salvation Army and Parkinson’s Victoria.

Public relations for not-for-profits and media relations in particular are invaluable tools for charitable organisations. In fact, not-for-profit marketing generally can be a powerful amplifier to existing fundraising or support-building efforts because media coverage allows for potent imagery representing the charity’s key messaging, as well as third party endorsements, to get in front of your target audience. Uplifting stories about your cause, your organisation, the people who bring the cause to life and those who have helped you along the way provide context and credibility to activities such as advertising and face-to-face fundraising.

The public will not support your organisation if they don’t connect with your cause or if they don’t understand what exactly it is that your organisation does. With all our not-for-profit public relations activity, we use our expertise to hone key messaging to the ones that we know will most resonate with the public. We then generate positive media coverage by leveraging case studies, key members of the organisation, events and medical research; we talk about how donations are being spent and how readers/listeners/viewers can makes a difference and why their support is necessary.

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