Hospitality PR

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We have extensive experience in restaurant public relations and the hospitality PR sector more generally. We have worked across everything from restaurant openings to product launches. From the launch phase to the ongoing communications strategy, we deliver campaigns that raise a brand’s public profile through media exposure and strategic marketing.

We are currently the retainer PR agency for Eureka 89 Events & Dining and South Wharf Restaurants, Akachochin, Bohemian, BangPop, Common Man, Meat Market and Plus 5. Most recently, we have commenced a campaign with the European Union and Greek and Cyprian Agricultural Ministry to produce showcase events for products including halloumi cheese and Cyprian currants.

We managed the Melbourne launches of Saba’s Ethiopian Restaurant, Saké Restaurant & Bar and CheekyChinos and have run campaigns for other Melbourne restaurants including Albert St Food & Wine and The Graham Hotel.

Hospitality or restaurant PR has powerful word-of-mouth impact. Because media exposure is perceived to be unbiased, it gains a lot of public trust and if your target audience has heard about your restaurant or venue through editorial and it has been reviewed positively, then this puts you in a strong position. Keeping on top of the changing trends of consumers and clients can be time-consuming though so we do the hard work for you.

We have 18 years’ experience operating in this space and have a real flair for restaurant marketing. In the restaurant PR space alone we have seen the advent of the food blogger; we’ve watched as cooking has moved from the kitchen into the lounge room with the emergence of powerhouse cooking shows MasterChef and MKR; we’ve seen chefs move out of the kitchen into demigod status; we’ve observed people photograph food rather than eat it; we’ve watched as people have bought food from trucks; food has been deconstructed, pulled, smoked, bathed and foamed in our time food and we have dined on rooftops, in basements, tents and eaten with our hands.

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