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Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) presents Mapping Melbourne 2016, a festival of multi-artform events from 1-17 December 2016 showcasing independent contemporary artists exploring the theme of Asia and identity. The festival encompasses a series of visual art, live art, music, contemporary dance, public programs and new multidisciplinary collaborations at various locations across the City of Melbourne.

Mapping Melbourne 2016 provides opportunities for independent  artists to present their work in a curated context, network, collaborate and build strong connections across the Asian region through the arts. Over the past four years, MAV has engaged artists from Australia, China, Indonesia, South Korea, Malaysia, India, Japan, Thailand, Cambodia, East Timor, Singapore, Philippines and Vietnam to take part in this artist-driven festival.


Mapping Melbourne 2016
1 – 17 December
Various locations in City of Melbourne
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  • Fire Monkey – Singapore-based Asian dance laboratory Arts Fission and Melbourne-based choreographer and dancer Victoria Chiu will present a collaborative performance inspired by the Chinese Zodiac calendar and the I Ching. Separated by an eight hour flight, the Artistic Directors will develop the creative concept over Skype and refine the performance in Melbourne for the festival.
  • Crossing: Beyond Baliseering – Featuring an extraordinary range of paintings, sculptures and large-scale installations, the exhibition explores and reflects the visual and social culture of Bali, Indonesia. The presentation exemplifies the dynamism of contemporary art beyond ‘Baliseering’ – the tourist art Bali is known for internationally.
  • Desivolution – The photography exhibition explores the contribution of the recently arrived Indian diaspora to Melbourne. Exploring the design and architecture of the ubiquitous Indian restaurant, the artists reveal the ‘Next Wave’ establishments leading the evolution of this humble archetype. Melbourne’s obsession with all things epicurean is the prism through which the culture of this migrant community can be most accessibly surveyed.

The full program will be released in October 2016.

Mapping Melbourne 2016 is supported by the City of Melbourne, Creative Victoria, Australia Council for the Arts, Besen Foundation, KABO Lawyers and PBS FM.


Multicultural Arts Victoria (MAV) is a not for profit organisation that has evolved over four decades into one of Australia’s most important bodies for development and promotion of culturally and linguistically diverse (CALD) contemporary art, heritage and cultural expression. Over 1 million participants each year are engaged in MAV’s innovative, educational and culturally rich program. MAV also provides crucial advice and significant initiatives for career development and creative capacity building for artists and communities from established and emerging backgrounds. The organisation can provide expertise in audience development, community engagement, and artistic excellence in CALD communities.

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